Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What can I say... I've been busy...

Hello everyone... Yes I am still alive and I tihnk a little less insane. But that depends on who you talk to. This blog will probably not be finished on until the 14th but it was started on the 13th. And for those who can't read well (it's ok i can't spoke well) is 365 days since my last post. I thought about posting in there somewhere but where is the fun in that.

So briefly I will retrace me steps of the past year and try to remember what all happened during those 365 days.

April 1st
This was probably the toughest day of my life. As I had to say goodbye to my father. He passed away from a heart attack and when I think about it still happened way to fast. My father and I were very close and acted like best friends most of the time and it is tough not having that friend with you anymore. Although it has almost been a year I still haven't finished dealing with what happened and everyday i think of my dad. It is especially difficult when I do things that me and my dad used to do. It is weird to go and watch stock car racing and not have someone beside me who can actually make it through the entire race without getting bored. Theres always one less person at a concert I play at and the seat that dad would show up two hours early to sit in is filled up by someone else moments before the concert. I also never got to see my dad smile when my sister graduated this past June. Things can change so quickly. My dad was a quiet man but he would do almost anything he could to ensure others were happy... Something I strive for everyday. This picture is me and dad at Two Lakes where I caught my first fish. I never caught another for six years. Hopefully for may long weekend I will get to visit this place again en route to our campsite. Love you dad.

April also meant that school would be finishing and summer was ahead. I got to participate in the music festival in Grande Prairie and had a great time and got to play a piece for my dad at the final concert. It was a tough but special night and many of my family members came and the support was amazing.

For the summer I decided that I would work a little and have a little fun. So when summer arrived we decided that a few of us would head down to the Shuswap in BC and spend a week doing nothing. Well we did more that nothing but it was a good week to relax and have fun, except for my one night of rage...(If you wanna know that story ask) While we were in BC we (Me, Kyle, and Ib) thought it would be fun to go white water rafting. Megan didn't think it would be so much fun. So with a little poking and some convincing, we got her to come along. She did awesome! It was amazing to see her overcome and obstacle like that and man I have a tough girl!

After we got back from BC (a short 16 hour drive) it was time to prepare for my next trip. I was lucky enough to be able to travel to Africa for three weeks and do mission work in Zambia. I SHOULD have lots of pictures but I don't, my camera was stolen the third day I was there. Man that sucked but it quickly opened my eyes as to why I was in Africa. It was to help the people that weren't worrying about their camera's instead it was mothers worrying if their children would have food the next day or if any of the children would see their 30th birthday. So may camera being gone not such a big deal. I got to meet some amazing people while I was in Africa and it God let me see why I was going to school to become a music teacher. When I first heard the kids singing with joy, I started crying. We have so much in Canada but we are always still focused on more. We also got to see some animals and I jumped off a very high bridge at Victoria Falls (bungee attached) it was great and only like 360 feet... Anyways I really will miss Africa this summer but these pictures bring back some of the momories...

After I returned from Africa (the flight was so long I paid $11US in Hong Kong for a shower) I had to pack up most of my room at home. School would start soon and I was off to Edmonton and more specifically to THE PARK.

So I packed up my truck and my mom and I headed south east. Things were going great, the truck was running well and I was making good time... Well maybe to good of time. A police officer in Valleyview thought that 137 in a 110 zone was a little quick. My mom agreed! I was very fortunate and didn't get a ticket... Lucky...
So I eventually I got to Sherwood Park and met my new family. Sue and Steve (Hands) and Howie Russel graciously let me stay with them in their house and I have had a blast. Only problem is sometimes Sue isn't having so much fun because both Steve and I have self diagnosed ADD maybe ADHD somedays and well sue puts up with us. But things are good in The Park I even won the Brighton Bay Stanley cup this month with the first series sweep ever. I know were losers but at least when keep busy.

I enjoy school most of the time and it is a big change from Grande Prairie but it is good because it forces me to push myself harder to stay on top of things. So as of right now I like playing the trumpet and have a great time with everyone that is in my deparment because we screw around way to much and get away with it.

Another great thing about living in Edmonton is that I only have to drive 30 minutes to see Megan or sometimes I can wait at home because she comes here. That makes my day everytime I see her... Ahh beats the days when i had a six hour bus ride. I really love getting to hang out with megan more. It is great to just sit and watch TV or go out for dinner or even go shopping. All we used to be able to do was talk on the phone.. we still do but I can go see her if I want. Our music department at school had a Formal night with dinner and a dance so my better half and I got all DUN UP! and had a good time.

I got to head home for Christmas and it was really nice ot be back in Grande Prairie and I thought hey I am home I should probably do something. So I thought, why not renovate my bedroom. I didn't think it would take that long and I would keep me from sleeping in everyday. So I ripped some walls down, moved out some furniture, took out my carpet, and then built new walls, painted them (sounds easy) and put everything back. Without Ib, Ib's mom (Brenda), Alyson and Megan it would still be a gong show... But is is finished and here it is.... Not completely finshed but almost there. I think the Oilers would like it...

Since Christmas not a lot has happened... Oh wait I forgot something... Well I can't really remember it but anyways this is what happened.
Ian on SKI
Ian not got on SKI
Ian is heavy
Heavy = Fast
Ian SKI Fast
Ian hit bump
Ian try to fly
Heavy does not fly
Ian crash
Ian hit head
Ian don't remember
Ian Stupid

Yes I got a concussion skiing at Winter Weekend in Red Deer. I got to spend a little time in the hospital and even get a CAT Scan!! If only I had a helmet on. I just felt like a fool because I was there as a leader and you would think I would lead by example... That isn't something I want youth to follow. The weekend was great though and a lot of the youth from Grande Prairie made progress in their relationship with Christ which is the best thing ever. Any ways that is all for now I have to get some sleep it is 1 AM and I have to be downtown at 7 for the mayors prayer breakfast.

If I fogot something about the past year let me know and I'll write about it. Hopefully someone does actually read this still. Anyways good night everyone. And Lets Go OILERS. I think we can win at least one...

And dont' make fun of my grammer and spelling... God has gifted me in other areas... so there!

Remember that faith is always around us it just needs to be believed in...


Monday, March 13, 2006

Hello All...
Well I got a new computer on Friday and it is pretty sweet! It has a built in Webcam and it takes some good pictures... (Adds more than ten pounds)
It is a pretty nice machine and I'm sorry to some of you guys but it is a Mac!?!?!
Anyways just thought the pictures would bring some smiles!
Hope everyone is having a good time!

Until next time: I say good day


Thursday, February 23, 2006

Is it time for a post yet?

Hello All!!!
Yes I am still alive and would like to thank you for all the caring emails to see if I was still alive! (There were none...)

Last night I went to see Relient K which was pretty awesome because there are an amazing group and their musical talent really impresses me. A band that can actually sing harmony is hard to come by. They were very good live and seemed great because the two opening bands weren't the greatest.

So I have been in Edmonton for a few days now and I am having a great time... I get to see all the people I haven't seen in so long and it has been really good. Man those Gallimores can cook....

STOMP... for all of you who think STOMP is gay or weird... HAH! I think your wrong.. I went to STOMP on Tuesday not knowing what to expect and felt like a slob because I was at the Jube wearing jeans. But I soon realized that these performers were amazing and I was blown away with the intricate rhythms they pulled off. If you can go see STOMP do it!! (I might go again on Sat or Sun)

For Valentines Megan made me supper and it was really good. She made Teriyaki Chicken, Wildrice, and Turtle Pie. The pie was great especially because I love turtles. MMMM. Thanks babe for the awesome food. I love you.

Kyle, Alyson, and Ib are coming to Edmonton tonight and tomorrow we are going West Ed crazy... If I don't die bungee jumping I will put pictures of it on here.

Well Bye for now

*Stay tuned for another BLOG someday*

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Mmmm... Ice Cream!

So today it beautiful outside and well everyone thinks it's cold. So me and my friend Nandini went and got ice cream from marble slab. Good Stuff. But if it is so cold outside why do people buy ice cream? How can a store like Marble Slab survive the winter? Well in Grande Prairie maybe we are crazy and most of us don't get that cold just the wimps like Nandini. I had people give me funny looks when i walked into college today but hey who doesn;t like a little ice cream every now and then. I say now and then because it is about $100 for an ice cream now.
I also had a deep conversation about english today and how the language was created so people like me would fail it in college.
Here is what I thought about and it is completly logical!!>!>!

Real Word / Plural
Goose / Geese
Mouse / Mice
Moose / Meese
House / Hice
Blouse / Blice

Can't you just see it going to a store and asking if you could get both of your blices put into one bag... that would be great!

So it has been about 1000 years since i was on here last and wow thanks for the great comments and ya i dunno i think i may be getting busier but school is almost over. I'll try to get on here more often most of you have probably given up on this BLOG... I don't blame you.

Where is all the snow? Maybe it's the notherner in me but where is all the snow? It is December 1st and there is no snow... well maybe like 5 cm... can't go sledding on that. Why don't kids like the snow anymore?>? I don't get it, it's like you hit 10 and all you want ot play is video games and then you hit thirteen and all you want to learn about is anatomy (you know what i mean). What about snow forts, sledding, snow ball fights. I think it is a big government conspiracy and they are hiding all the snow so more people will move here from warmer places... Ok maybe not!

So I'm going to be heading off to edmonton soon! Can't wait! I always have a good time there maybe because I get to hang out with weird people... Maybe not as weird as everyone up here but weird when you look at edmonton standards.

I also think the oilers should trade Conklin! What do all you guys think? Maybe we'll get a 21st round draft pick for him...

Well I think i am all out of things to rant about.... Until next time... "Stay Fit and Have Fun" Body Break


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Time... An unrenewable resource

One of the things I struggle with the most in my life is time. All it seems to do is create stress or remind me that I am late. But I have also started to realize I need more structure in my life and keeping things running on time will help with that. For those of you that know me I am a fairly busy guy... Maybe you would say really busy. So I started thinking... (stupid smoke alarm) Why do I let myself become so busy? A lot of people have told me that it is simple. I get so busy because I am afraid to say "no." Now I agree with this but there is also another reason I always seem to have little time. I enjoy being busy and I love being involved. The only problem is, at what point am I to involved? I don't know the answers to these ?'s. If I did I would be a mad man. However I have also noticed that the Lord will help you out with time if you are doing things that are in his favor. I mean I have been in Edmonton or Calgary for DYB or FUEL and had to be back sunday morning for church. Now I don't own a car so I get to take the Greyhound at only six hous a ride. I quite often take the 12am bus which gets me home at 6am and many times I haven't slept! But I have never been tired or without energy at church that morning! Why? I dunno you tell me! Also why is acceptable in society to be so busy? Oh ya if you know how to control time tell me!
Until Next time... Don't eat yellow snow


Thursday, October 13, 2005

Blogger Virgin

So well this is my first time using a blog. I dunno how often I will be on here but maybe I will update it every so often. Let me know what you think... Answer questions how ever you like... Just remember I'm always right.